le ptérodactyle (genre pterodactylus) est un ptérosaure (reptile volant) vivant au jurassique. les fossiles de certaines de ces espèces mesurent environ cm pterodactylus is an extinct genus of pterosaurs, whose members are popularly known as pterodactyls ( /ˌtɛrəˈdæktɪlz/). it is currently thought to contain only a 

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pterodactylus (ptérodactyle) est l'archétype même du pterosaure, on l'assimile souvent aux autres grands pterosaures comme pteranodon.pterodactylus est l'archétype même du pterosaure. on l'assimile souvent aux autres grands pterosaures comme pteranodon. pterodactylus, plus communément  le pterodactylus a été découvert pour la première fois en bavière ( en allemagne) par un naturaliste du nom cosmo alessandro collini, c'est un italien, c'était pterodactylus, also known as a pterodactyl, is an extinct pterosaur which lived approximately million to million years ago during the late jurassic period 

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a free list of the best pterodactylus pictures, images, drawings, facts, and fossils. see how it lived in africa during the late jurassic period! pterodactylus is a case study in how confusing it can be to classify millionyearold animals. the first specimen of this pterosaur was  descriptions and articles about pterodactylus in the encyclopedia of life. includes wikipedia.the pterodactylus was the first animal to be classified as a flying reptile and the first of the order pterosaur.

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pterodactylus comes from the greek word pterodaktulos, meaning "winged finger," which is an apt description of its flying apparatus.pterodactylus antiquus "antique wing finger". pterodactylus antiquus is a small, unassuming pterosaur from germany. all known specimens were small, ranging  pterodactylus (/ˌtɛrəˈdæktɪləs/ terrədaktiləs, from the greek: πτεροδάκτυλος, pterodaktulos, meaning "winged finger") is an extinct flying reptile genus pterodactylus name meaning winged finger wingspan . meters ( ft inches) notable game appearances jurassic park iii: park builder jurassic park: 

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le genre pterodactylus est caractéristique du jurassique, on le connaît dans de nombreux pays : angleterre, france, allemagne, et en afrique. il possédait une pterodactylus (meaning winged finger) was a flying, prehistoric reptile. pterodactylus was related to the dinosaurs but it was not a dinosaur. pterodactylus lived  sister taxa: pterodactylus antiquus, pterodactylus arningi, pterodactylus brancai, pterodactylus cirinensis, pterodactylus dubius, pterodactylus giganteus,  natural heritage "grube messel" · geopark · behind the scenes · adopt an exhibit · shop · event location venue evening event. pterodactylus antiquus 

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pterodactylus is a pterosaur characterized by a long, thin head, small body, fairly long legs and a very wide wingspan. pterodactylus kochi is a small pterosaur 

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