dakosaurus est un genre éteint de crocodyliformes marins de la famille des métriorhynchidés ayant vécu du jurassique supérieur (kimméridgien supérieur) dakosaurus is an extinct genus within the family metriorhynchidae that lived during the late jurassic and early cretaceous. it was large, with teeth that were 

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dakosaurus is an extinct prehistoric crocodile which lived approximately million to million years ago from the late jurassic period through the early  an indepth profile of dakosaurus, including this marine reptile's characteristics, behavior, and habitat. le dakosaurus est un reptile marin préhistorique de la famille des metriorhynchidés qui vécut au jurassique et au crétacé inférieur. il était grand, carnivore  déc. chasseur et charognard du jurassique supérieur et du crétacé inférieur, dakosaurus était un reptile marin de la famille des metriorhynchidae.

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alternative combinations: dacosaurus primaevus, geosaurus maximus, liodon primaevum. synonyms: dakosaurus lissocephalus seeley (no. ) d , life reconstruction of dakosaurus maximus . note the robustness of denticles. solid bar in a b equals mm; graduated bar in c equals μ m. trouvez des images de stock de dakosaurus en hd et des millions d'autres photos, illustrations et images vectorielles de stock libres de droits dans la collection  mai this week we will be looking at yet another prehistoric beast with connections to the "king of the monsters." check out dakosaurus andiniensis!

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the dakosaurus was a species of marine crocodile that was discovered in a rich fossil bed in argentina. it lived during the late jurassic and the early english: reconstruction of the late jurassic seas, with dakosaurus andiniensis in file:dakosaurus, cricosaurus, and ichthyosaurs by durbed.jpg (file redirect)  dakosaurus was a fierce marine predator. with a skull like that of a carnivorous dinosaur and large, jagged teeth, it had a powerful bite that could slice through dakosaurus was the most widespread and longlasting species of the group. it had significantly larger teeth than other marine crocodyliformes and possessed 

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see tweets about #dakosaurus on twitter. see what people are saying and join the conversation. dakosaurus and plesiosuchus are characteristic genera of aquatic, largebodied, macrophagous metriorhynchid crocodylomorphs. recent  dakosaurus, white background. is a licensed reproduction that was printed on premium heavy stock paper which captures all of the vivid colors and details of regroupe des crocodiliens extrêmement adaptés à la vie marine tels que metriorhynchus, dakosaurus et geosaurus (représentés dans le boulonnais).

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apart from the occasional grunting of the dakosaurus and the repetitive lapping of the waves, cole and holly raced through the ocean in relative quiet. it was so 

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